5 Benefits of Art for Kids

Kids love art. This is not a surprise to any parent. However, before you say ‘NO’ to pulling out the arts and crafts supplies to avoid the impending mess that is sure to follow, STOP and read this!

There are endless benefits of art for kids so don’t get caught up in the negatives. Keep reading to see how art can help your child.

How does art benefit kids?

Grab the paints. The pencils. The modelling clay. The pipe cleaners. Whatever it is that you have at home and watch how your child grows. See the benefits of art for kids firsthand.

·         Motor skill development – a key benefit for younger children is motor skill development. Drawing pictures with pencils, markers or crayons helps to build the foundation needed for learning to write. Using scissors and threading beads on ribbon assists fine-tuning many other daily tasks such as learning to tie shoelaces.

·         Self-esteem and confidence – learning new skills builds confidence in their abilities. As children notice their abilities grow and strengthen, this creates high self-esteem that extends into other aspects of their life as well. Such as having the confidence to push beyond their comfort zone and make new connections and friends.

·         Promotes creativity – art is the perfect platform for being creative. The only limit is your imagination and kids typically let their imaginations run wild. While schooling or routines at home may be structured, art gives children the freedom to try new things. Even a quick 5 minute craft session can produce some inspired pieces.

·         Self-expression and innovation – children see the world differently and art provides them with the opportunity to express their views in a way that is original and innovative.

·         Enhances problem-solving skills – this one might be a surprise but many forms of art, craft or DIY projects for kids make them think outside the box. They can create something out of nothing and with each problem that they overcome, they become more confident in their ability and decision-making skills.


Art doesn’t have to be painting or drawing or gluing paddle pop sticks to pom poms. It also doesn’t have to be messy. But in the spirit of letting children get the most out of art, take a step back and for a moment just forget about the aftermath. The benefits of art for kids definitely outweigh the cons.

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