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After School Activities and Holiday Programs - We Need You!

We’re building a team of awesome “grown ups” who can facilitate a range of activities for kids after school and during school holidays.

Ideally, you are a qualified teacher or childcare worker looking for something more, something else, something that you can call your own.

We have plenty of play-based learning activities prepared for you to run with, or you can bring your own ideas and we’ll help you develop them.

Free Range Kids Club will set you up and take care of all the hard stuff, such as insurance, promotion and marketing, booking, industry compliance and so much more.

That means you can get on with starting your own turn-key business NOW!

This is a flexibile business that is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.
And how big you grow it is up to you!

If this sounds like you, you know what to do! (Click below ;)

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