A Family Affair – The Role Grandparents Play

The role that grandparents can play in the life of your young family cannot be understated. A healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with your parents (or the parents of your partner) can go a long way towards filling your own cup when it comes to happiness and support. They can be a vital part of your own family and provide fulfilment when it comes to the growing up stage of your own younger children.

A Wise Mind and a Helpful Heart

Grandparents often provide us with the kind of sensible, loving advice and support when it comes to how we can raise our own children. They are there when things get tough – whether it be the lending of a calm, peaceful, measured ear or helping out around the home in a practical way.

A mutually respectful relationship between yourself and the grandparents of your children mean that your own offspring have a source of guidance and kindness when they look towards their elders. Your parents can play a significant role in their development. They are willing to spend hours upon hours playing with your grandchildren in different ways than you do. Playing dress-ups, Lego, building mini construction sites and playing hide and seek are games that your grandparents won’t tire of when they visit or have the kids stay with them. This speaks to the deep love that they have towards your children and the implication there within that they will do anything for them.

On the flip side, you might well find that your parents give your children treats and presents that you might normally avoid! While this is good in small doses, if it becomes too regular you may want to have an adult and respectful conversation with them about your expectations when it comes to gifts and treats.

Practical Help

You can rely on your parents to be there for you, be it in a hands-on sense or in an emotionally supportive role. They can promote your ideas about less screen time and outdoor imaginative play whilst they help you with household chores and may even provide support in a financial sense.

The Role Grandparents Can Play

As previously noted, a healthy relationship with your parents can mean the world to your kids. They’ll be showered with love, affection and attention and it just might mean that you also get the occasional break from living life in the parenting trenches.